build a child safe shed

Build a Garden Shed That Is Child Proof and Safe

Build a Garden Shed That Is Child Proof and Safe Most garden sheds are located in yards, a place where most kids spend their holidays and lazy afternoons. It is here that many kids learn to play catch, baseball and probably wander around finding a good hiding spot. However, the fact that your shed is […]

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Building a Storage Shed

Reclaim Your Garage by Building a Storage Shed

Building a Storage Shed for Extra Space A two car garage is a dream for most Americans but not having a two car garage does not mean that you should be satisfied with a cluttered home or backyard. If you have witnessed your garage become a magnet for all the unwanted items in your home […]

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Garden Shed In Good Condition

Ways To Keep A Garden Shed In Good Condition

Keeping Your Shed in Good Shape After you’ve constructed your wooden garden shed the next step is to keep it maintained. Keeping your garden shed in good condition like everything else is the key to its long life. However, maintaining a wooden garden shed does require a bit of knowledge and work. There are a […]

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Why Do You Need To Build A Base For A Garden Shed?

Building A Base For A Garden Shed? When constructing a garden shed it’s essential to have an even, firm base made from appropriate material – every building needs a suitable foundation, and garden sheds are no different. A sturdy base will ensure that the shed is easy to assemble and will prevent deterioration in the […]

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Wooden Garden Shed

10 Ways To Use A Wood Garden Shed

Ways to Use a Wood Garden Shed (10) A wood garden shed has a number of uses. If you’ve considered building a garden shed but don’t know what you could use it for then read on. Once you decide what type of shed you need then you will want to find a good set of […]

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