Build a Garden Shed That Is Child Proof and Safe

Build a Garden Shed That Is Child Proof and Safe

Most garden sheds are located in yards, a place where most kids spend their holidays and lazy afternoons. It is here that many kids learn to play catch, baseball and probably wander around finding a good hiding spot. However, the fact that your shed is located in the yard where your kids play means that it needs to be kid friendly. Your tool shed may appear to many kids as being mysterious and alluring which is all the more reason to keep a number of things in mind when building your garden shed.

Limit Possibility Of Accidents

In order to limit the possibility of accidents make sure that your shed is locked. Install a latch and add a padlock. Also, continue to inspect your shed every now and then for cracks, structural faults, bad foundation and rotting. Most kids will find a way to enter into your shed if there is a lose board or a small hole. But sheds like these are dangerous since they can collapse at anytime.

Don’t Store Poisonous or Otherwise Explosive Items In The Shed

You’ve obviously built your garden shed to be a storage unit for things you do not want to store in your home. However, things like thinner, lacquer, alcohol, sharp objects, a blow torch etc are all dangerous items. If you’re going to store these items in your shed then make sure it’s not a wooden shed. You also need to ensure that your shed door and roof is reinforced. You may want to invest in an iron door or gate to discourage your kids or other kids from entering.

Building a Child Proof And Safe Garden Shed

If you are thinking about building a garden shed there are a number of things you can do to make it child safe. The first thing you will want to do is to lay a solid foundation for your shed. A solid foundation can either be of concrete slabs or high quality wood. In most cases concrete slabs are safer and will help prevent water from getting into your shed if it’s a meter or so above ground level. Remember to select a good set of garden shed plans.

If you’re going to store flammable materials make sure to build or install a locked cabinet in the shed. This can be built or attached directly into the wall of your shed during construction which reduces the chances of it falling.

Construct a shed with a gable roof since these are the most children friendly. Flat roofs tend to collapse or spring a leak which can cause the structure of your shed to become unstable. However, you should layer the roof with iron just so that things like a ball or a stone do not easily penetrate.


The above are some the best things you can do to make your shed as safe as possible. However, it would also be a great idea to sit down and explain to your kids the dangers of venturing into your shed. Most times kids will realize that obsessing with entering your shed is dangerous and may refrain from doing so. Adding a few safety measures like an iron door and locked cupboards will work as an added deterrent.

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