Reclaim Your Garage by Building a Storage Shed

Building a Storage Shed for Extra Space

A two car garage is a dream for most Americans but not having a two car garage does not mean that you should be satisfied with a cluttered home or backyard. If you have witnessed your garage become a magnet for all the unwanted items in your home over the years to the point where now stepping in seems like a daunting task then why not build a storage shed. A storage shed can either be constructed to park a second car in or relocate all the cutter in your garage. There are a ton of ways to use a storage shed.

Many municipalities in the United States permit home owners to build a garden shed measuring a hundred square feet max in their gardens or back yards without a special permit. Sheds are excellent storage units where you can store everything from your gardening tools to other tools and unwanted household items. You can also store seasonally unused stuff like a spare air conditioning unit, heaters, seasonal decorations etc.

How To Start Building A Storage Shed?

If you have never constructed a storage shed before it is best to start with purchasing expert building garden shed plans or even a kit. Expert building plans will describe every step you need to take in detail from pouring the shed foundation, to which siding is best which makes construction a lot easier.

Also if you are a newbie you may want to start with a storage shed which is easy to build i.e. a gable shed. You should also chose to use wood as compared to metal mainly because wood is easier to work with.

Two Doors

If you’re building a storage shed or a large shed which is to be used as a storage unit it is always a good idea to also add a door on either side of your shed. This will give you easier access to your items. For instance if you have something stored at one end of the shed you will not have to wade through everything to get there you can simply use the other door.

If you have a second or third car which you want to safely store in your shed you will need to build something bigger. Ideally, the best suited shed for this purpose is a barn shed.

These sheds are larger and slightly more difficult to build but the right blueprints should help you a great deal in getting the structure right. Once, completed it will ensure that your car is stored in a safe place especially if you plan on going out of town for a few days.


Building a storage shed or a garden shed does cost a few hundred dollars to build but at the end of the day it quickly pays for itself. Instead of wishing that you had a bigger home or another garage building a shed is probably the most practical way to get rid of all the junk and clutter around your garage. It is also not extremely expensive, having said that a shed will add a great deal to the resale value of your home when the time comes as long as you continue to keep it in good shape.

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