Ways To Keep A Garden Shed In Good Condition

Keeping Your Shed in Good Shape

After you’ve constructed your wooden garden shed the next step is to keep it maintained. Keeping your garden shed in good condition like everything else is the key to its long life. However, maintaining a wooden garden shed does require a bit of knowledge and work.

There are a number of things you will need to consider for instance what the shed is being used for, the place you live in and your budget. Below we discuss a few wooden garden shed maintenance tips.

Painting Your Wooden Garden Shed

Painting the exterior and interior of your garden shed is a good idea. You will need some paint, brushes, rollers, liners, paint scrapers, paint trays etc. Painting your wooden shed will shield it from the elements.

In addition painting your shed every 3 or 4 years will ensure that it continues to look as good as new. If you live in an area which gets a lot of rain then consider waterproofing the exterior of your shed.

Use Insecticides

It is common knowledge that wooden sheds are prone to insect infestations. These insect infestations will eventually lead to extensive damage to your shed if left unchecked. The best way to protect the wood of your shed is to use insecticides.

By spraying insecticides all over your shed you will kill pests like carpenter bees, termites and carpenter ants. These sprays will also help prevent the wood from rotting and fungus.

Cover The Wood

While protecting the exterior of your wooden shed is important the interior is equally important. Protecting the wooden interior from dampness is imperative. This can easily be achieved by covering the wood with large plastic sheets.

This helps to seal off the wood from water penetration. Also placing plastic sheets right underneath the wooden logs will prevent direct contact with the soil and so prevent the growth of fungus. This will also prevent the wood from rotting from underneath which is a common problem in damp areas.

Proper Ventilation

When building a wooden shed make sure that is properly ventilated. The interior of your shed should receive air and sunlight which helps to keep the wood in good condition. Proper ventilation will also prevent the wood from getting or remaining damp. If you’re using the wooden shed as a workshop ventilation adjustments should be made accordingly.

Remove The Rotting Wood

You should check the wood shed for rotting wood both on the inside and outside. Check for signs of a developing rot. Once you find rotten wood remove it immediately to prevent further development. Also figure out what is causing the rot and eliminate the problem using our above tips.


The basic tips discussed above will help you maintain your wood shed. However, because wood is a natural material it has a certain lifespan. Regular, maintenance will extend its life to a great extent.

The life of your wood shed also greatly depends on your location and the shed plans you use. A well built shed will last longer than a one constructed using poor materials. So if you’re building the shed yourself make sure to use the best materials and a good set of garden shed plans as it pays for itself in the long term.

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