10 Ways To Use A Wood Garden Shed

Ways to Use a Wood Garden Shed (10)

A wood garden shed has a number of uses. If you’ve considered building a garden shed but don’t know what you could use it for then read on. Once you decide what type of shed you need then you will want to find a good set of shed plans for building it.

garden shed greenhouseA Green House

A wood garden shed can easily be used as a green house. A transparent roof will allow the plants in your green house get all the required sunlight. You can also chose to grow exotic plans by adding things like temperature and light control features to the shed.

A Parking Space

A large wood Gambrel shed is a wonderful place to store your vehicle. Since, sheds can be made damp and sun proof you can store your car for an extended period of time. This will help protect your car from the elements as well as theft. It will also give you a place where you can work on your car without disturbing your neighbors.

A Store

A wood garden shed of all sizes can easily be used as a store. This can be a place where you can keep gardening equipment, musical equipment, extra boxes, old albums etc. By adding shelves you can easily store all the items you want to keep safe and organize them appropriately.

school shedA School House

A large shed like a Gambrel shed can easily be used as a small school house. Here you can either teach your own kids or teach many kids. You could also convert it into a sort of daycare center for a small number of kids if your home is not large enough.

Guest Residence

A well built wood shed can be used as a guest residence. You can easily add two rooms to a somewhat large shed. These rooms can then be furnished with beds, a bathroom and even a dining area. This is ideal for sheds like a ‘lean to’ shed which is connected directly to your home.

camping shedCamping Shed

If you have a passion for the great outdoors then why not use your shed as a camping shed. It can be a great place to get away from your home with your kids. The great thing about a camping shed is that there are no bears, no prospect of rain water waking you up, and keeps you safe from theft.

An Office

If you need some peace and quiet then why not use your shed as an office. Sheds make for great offices since you’re away from home yet close enough. You can easily store everything your office needs inside. You can also add a lock which prevents kids or prying adults from entering without your permission.

Tool Shed

A wood garden shed can be used as a spacious tool shed. Here you can store all your gardening and carpentry tools. If your shed is large enough you can even store tools like a workbench, electric saw, chainsaw, jackhammer etc.

Entertainment Center

A wood shed makes for an excellent entertainment center. Here you can have everything from your 52” inch television to your 3D surround sound speakers. With some work you can make your shed virtually sound proof. This means that you can turn the volume all the way up without disturbing your neighbors.


If you work on DIY wood projects regularly then why not turn your shed into a workshop. Sheds make for excellent personal or commercial workshops. Your workshop can store all the tools and books you need. You can also house all the material you need in your Wood garden shed.

Potting Shed

A potting shed with shelving for your pots and seeds and room to keep your soil bags would make a great use of this type of shed. You can add a counter so you can work with your mixing soil.

You can even hang your tools within arm’s reach on hanger on the walls and door. Install a solid doors to close it up tight when your done. Sheds are great for use as a potting shed.

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